Chesterfield, VA

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 1.            Regulation Starting Blocks

 2.            Lane Markers

 3.            Backstroke Flags

 4.            False Start Rope

 5.            Starting System and Back-up Bullhorn

 6.            Public Address System

 7.            One Stopwatch/Lane with CAL Timing System or Three Stopwatches/Lane

 8.            Heat Organization Board for the Clerk of Course

 9.            Table and Chairs

10.          Scoring Computer

                a. Printer for Results

                b. Printer for Ribbon Labels

11.          CAL Computerized Timing System

12.          Timing Computer and Printer should be provided and operated by the VISITING Team

13.          Electrical Extension Cords for Scoring and Timing Computers and Lights


                Note: UPS units are recommended, but not required, for the Timing and Scoring Computers.



 1.            Events Schedules

 2.            *Strokes & Turns Judges Cards

 3.            *Event Cards (for Timers)

 4.            *Heat Pads for Clerk of Course

 5.           Computer labels for pre-seeded events

 6.            Clip Boards

 7.            Red pencils with erasers, red pens (for marking on wet cards)

 8.            #2 pencils with erasers

 9.            Blue and Green HIGHLIGHTERS to mark GOLD and SILVER Event Cards

10.          Paper Clips and Rubber Bands

11..         Boxes or Bags for DQ Cards and Award Ribbons for Coaches

12.          Computer Paper

13.          Label Forms for Award Ribbons      One-Across (3 1/2 X 15/16) - OfficeMax #86103

                                                                                Optional Three-Across (2 1/2 X 15/16) - Avery #4144

14.          Extra Printer Ribbons

15.          *Chesterfield Aquatic League Handbook

16.          *United States Swimming Handbook

*Supplied by CAL


                                                                                   FIRST AID SUPPLIES

The following is a minimum list of First Aid supplies that should be available at each CAL meet.

 1.            Scissors

 2.            Tweezers

 3.            Gauze pads

 4.            Adhesive tape

 5.            Band-aids, assorted types

 6.            An antiseptic cleansing solution

 7.            An antibacterial ointment

 8.            Triangular bandages

 9.            Disposable gloves

10.          First aid instructional manual

11.          Chemical cooling agents, zip-lock bags and sponges (for icing down contusions, sprains and breaks)

Note: OSHA has made a determination that first aid responders face a significant health risk as the result of exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials because they may contain blood borne pathogens, including hepatitis B virus and human immunodeficiency virus.