Chesterfield, VA

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(Adopted May 17, 1990)



1.      The Safety Committee of the Chesterfield Aquatic League shall consist of the Safety Chairperson and the Meet Directors of the member swim clubs.


2.         In the event of an accident at a swim meet:

a.    The host club Meet Director shall investigate the accident as soon as possible.

b.    The investigating Meet Director should notify, as soon as possible, the President and the Safety Chairperson of the Chesterfield Aquatic League.


3.            A full complement First Aid kit should be provided by the host club of a swim meet.  The kit should be kept on deck during the meet.


4.            Warm‑ups are not permitted to start until a coach is present. 


5.            The host meet referee shall appoint someone as a safety marshal during warm‑ups of both the host and visiting teams. The safety marshal shall ensure that correct warm‑up procedures are followed. 


6.            Coaches should be stationed at the starting end of the pool and shall be responsible for their swimmers' conduct during warm‑up.


7.            All swimmers must start warm‑up procedures at the starting end of the pool.


8.            There will be NO DIVING OR RACING STARTS from the blocks or end of the pool during general warm‑ups.


9.            The coach conducting warm‑up may designate a portion of warm‑up for "take off".  A racing start will be permitted only for one-way swimming where the swimmer exits at the turn end of the pool.


10.          Backstroke swimmers must be allowed to complete their start and clear the area before the next swimmer steps onto the blocks.


11.          There will be no running, at any time, during the swim meet or warm‑ups.


12.          Glass containers will not be allowed at the swim meets.


13.          If, during the course of a swim meet, inclement weather occurs, the Referee and coaches shall suspend the swim meet and move all participants and spectators as far as possible from the pool area.  If the swim meet is suspended due to inclement weather, the Referee shall wait a minimum of 30 minutes for no weather related activity before allowing the meet to commence.  The host team’s safety policies will prevail in cases where their standards are more stringent then CAL’s minimum safety standards. (See Rule #20, page 10 of the Swim Meet Rules and Regulations for postponement procedures if necessary).(rev 3/08)


14.          Coaches have the right to remove their respective teams from the pool for safety reasons.


15.          At least one member of each member club's coaching staff must be certified by the American Red Cross in the areas of First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).  It is recommended that the certified member of the coaching staff be present at all swim practices of their club. 


16.          Safety is an important factor for our league.  Anyone seeing an unsafe condition or activity around the meet venue should stop the activity immediately and report this to the Host Meet Director and the Meet Referee.


17.          It is recommended that each coach review safety awareness with all team members.


18.          Suggested guidelines for a safe meet include filling the pool to capacity prior to hosting a meet.  No one, especially young children, should be in the pool during the meet, except the swimmers.


In the event of an accident, fill out the Accident Report.  Copies are to be given to the Parent Representatives from each team and the Chair Person of the Safety Committee.