Chesterfield, VA

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To Submit Weekly Roster
In Team Manager select File/Export/AthletesTeams.  Send file to .  Do not send Excel, pdf, or any other format as we cannot consolidate them into the League Team Manager.  This file should also be sent, along with your meet entries, to the team you are swimming each week.
To Upload Meet Results to the website:
Following each meet the home team needs to enter results on the CAL website. To do so, you will need the Meet Manager back-up file, you will need to create a “Meet Results” report saved as a flat HTML file..
  1. Create the Backup file:
    1. In Meet Manager, select File/Backup
B. Save the meet results as a flat html, in Meet Manager:
  1. Select Reports
  2. Select Meet Results
  3. Select all events
  4. In the column/format area under report type select flat html
  5. Select create report
  6. Rename the result the title of your meet and save.
B. Load Results onto the website:
  1. Log-in to website
  2. Under “Teams” select your team page
  3. Select “Results”
  4. Click on the yellow/orange box that is located beside the meet (when curser is over the box it should state Enter/Edit Results)
  5. Under “Enter Game Results” enter your name, phone number and email address and then enter the points for each team in the appropriate box
  6. In the Event Comments section, write “Results” then hit enter twice and write “Meet Back-up” then hit enter twice and write “Most Improved Times”
  7. Place your curser over “Results” to highlight it and then click on the Link button (looks like the a chain link and is directly underneath the ABC tab)
  8. In the “Link” box, click on Browse Server
  9. At the top of the page click on “Link to File”
  10. Under File Directory, click on “2013 – corresponding week Results” file
  11. Under Upload Files, click on Browse and find the HTM file you saved
  12. Click on “Upload”
  13. In the “Link” box select “Target” and then from the drop down menu under Target select “New Window” then select OK
  14. Highlight “Meet Back-up” and repeat steps 7-13, but select the meet backup file instead of the html file.
  15. Directly below the “comments” section click on Submit
If you have any questions, please contact Bryan Wallin at